Upper School (6-12)

The mission and purpose of the 6-12 Upper School Program at Torrington Christian Academy is to provide an education that supports young people during a pivotal time of growth. TCA offers a strong foundation for students in grades 6-12 that allows them to pursue excellence in all areas of school and life for the glory of God.

Middle school and high school academics at TCA are rich with opportunity in the arts, sciences, athletics, and beyond. We seek to create well-rounded leaders through engagement in various disciplines such as Biblical studies, technology, fine arts, math and sciences, world language, physical education and more.

During their time at Torrington Christian Academy, our students develop high-level thinking and reasoning skills, expand their creative expressivity, and deepen their relationship with Christ all while cultivating the values of integrity, respect, and teamwork.

Upper School Classes & Activities

Torrington Christian Academy provides opportunities for high school students in the 9th-12th grades to take college-level courses. Simultaneously, students earn credit toward high school completion as well as college credits toward a future college degree. The more classes students take, the further ahead they will be for college. For those who desire to do so: students can successfully complete either an Associate Degree or a Bachelors degree alongside their High School Diploma! Dual Enrollment courses are different than AP courses as no AP test is required at the end of the class; instead, students receive college credit if they pass the course. Learn more at: https://www.tcact.org/dual-enrollment/

  • Chapel
  • Hiking Club
  • Field Trips
  • Fundraisers
  • Read-a-thon
  • School Spirit Days
  • Student Prayer Meeting
  • Christmas & Spring Concerts
  • Clubs/Events that vary from year to year (ie – Baking Club, Lego Club, Reading Club, Sewing Club, Film Society, Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Jump Rope Club, Ski Club, Robotics Club, Environmental Awareness Club, Speech/Debate Club, Art Club, and more).

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