TCA Remote Learning: Parent/Staff Feedback

We want to thank parents and teachers for your words of encouragement, feedback, and support.  Our teachers are working hard, and so are you! This unique time in Torrington Christian Academy’s history has highlighted the foundational partnership between teachers and parents.  Our classrooms and your homes have doors that are open to each other in ways we could never have imagined. We heard appreciation for . . .

From Parents:

“My son is currently in Kindergarten at TCA, and every week I have been going to TCA to pick up his work for the week. We set aside time every day to do part of the packet. We are grateful for TCA giving us access to ABC Mouse to help him learn on the computer: my son loves it and thinks of it more as games than school work. Every night my son has been helping me with dinner and baking desserts. This is helping him bring math to life. To end the night, he is helping read the words he recognizes in his bed time story. We have been trying our best to make learning fun and show him how what he is learning will help in everyday life. We are grateful for some nice weather during this time of sickness so we can get outside and have “gym time”, while also practicing social distancing. TCA has been amazing during this unexpected time away from school. Our son’s teacher has been calling me once a week to go over the work that is sent home and some strategies to help teach him. We continue to pray every day and say a prayer to help keep everyone safe from the sickness that is in our community right now. God bless.” – Lower School Parent

“I want to say that we are praying for all families of TCA and that they are well. My kids have been faithfully doing there school work every morning in a peaceful, quiet environment. They still communicate with classmates daily. Everyday we walk/hike or roller blade. We enjoy family time together but don’t miss the busy life we had. I think this is God’s way to slow down and count our blessings.” – Upper School Parent

“These are certainly unprecedented and uncertain times we are living in. When schools started closing for the foreseeable future, we weren’t sure what the plan would be for the rest of the school year for our son. Being stuck in the house has not been ideal. Our son misses his teachers, friends, and being social. However, the transition to at-home learning has been seamless. TCA graciously allowed us to sign out a Chromebook for our son to use to continue to receive instruction, and to monitor, complete, and hand in assignments. He has been able to contact his teachers for extra help and clarification when needed and is thrilled that he can participate in youth group on-line Thursday evenings: connecting with his friends and youth pastor. We are so grateful for the continuity and encouragement that our son has received during this time; he looks forward to the day the doors open again and he can get back to TCA life as he knows it!!” – Upper School Parent

From Staff:

“Throughout this devastating situation, my faith and my students were my motivation to keep positive. Being a member of TCA, I have built a extremely strong bond with my students, so taking this much time away from them was definitely going to be challenging. Even though it was recommended that we stay indoors, it was necessary they continued to learn. Thankfully, because of technology, I was able to use “Zoom” to continue to have one on one lessons with my students. My students were able to continue their learning while remaining healthy and safe. TCA definitely came together during this time as a family to ensure parents and students were going to have the materials they needed to continue learning.” – Miss Stubbs, Lower School Teacher

“I miss my students!!!! A Bible scripture quoted at the top of every compiled page of their List of Assignments packet helped me to remind my students that God comes first. Although school is at home for a little while, I wanted their first subject of the day to be Bible just as it is in class. When I was told we would need to extend our teaching time at home a lot longer, additional packets needed to be sent. This time, via email. Parents and I have stayed in touch either via text or email, and I praise God that we are on one accord regarding “our” children’s education. I’m just grateful to God that regardless of today’s crisis, we can be encouraged and assured that God has us, and He is in control of absolutely everything.” – Mrs. Hopkins, Lower School Teacher

“Our TCA remote learning classes are set up for students to continue high standard with hands-on education in a new way. We have been utilizing technology such as Google Classrooms, CK-12, and  Zoom Classes with success. Zoom classes for math have been been a fun time where all the students are able to have a discussion and get answers to any questions with their classmates encouraging and working with them. It has been great to hear laughter and excitement. I have set up a whiteboard in my dining room where I can work out examples that the students can see. Geometry has been running well with 100% of all students turning in their work. (Thank you!) My English class has been reading and sending question answers to Google Docs. We had our first zoom class today in English to discuss the book we just finished. We were able to see one student’s new baby brother, who made a star appearance! Despite a few technical issues, the English class went smoothly and was very productive. My Civics class just took a test in our newly set up Google Classroom. I feel we are up and running smoothly and are ready for our new marking period to start. Praying for all students, staff, and families of TCA. In His service.” – Mrs. Lori Spaulding, Upper School Teacher

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