Realizing this may be a child’s first school experience, we strive to provide a comfortable, fun, and loving atmosphere where students cultivate a joy of learning!

Our PreK3 & PreK4 program, using the Abeka curriculum, provides a solid platform for reading and writing, along with fun play-based learning centers with hands-on learning experiences. Your child will be able to build creativity and excitement for: academics, school friendships, art projects, recess, and more!

Torrington Christian Academy celebrates Kiddie College’s 56th year!

Kiddie College 2024-25!

Enrollment for new families is open with limited availability! We enroll only 10-12 students in each class.
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3 year old program 

4 year old program 

  • (3-day) Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00am – 2pm
  • (5-day) Monday – Friday: 8am – 2pm
  • Tuition Cost:

For school closings & delay openings due to inclement weather: Kiddie College will follow the Torrington Public Schools (unless there is a 3-hr delay, in which Kiddie College will be closed).

Kiddie College Policies and Procedures

  • All children must be day-time “potty trained”. A change of clothes will be requested at the start of the school year to keep on hand for the possible occasional accidents.
  • When you arrive at school, your child will need to make a stop at the bathroom before heading into the classroom. Having them try before entering the classroom is vital, even if they “do not have to go”. Please do not ask them if they need to go; they almost always say no because they are eager to play. You can just tell them, it’s a “school rule”. This gives us much more valuable time with the class and will avoid accidents earlier in the day. Once they have been taken to the bathroom,  you may then bring your child directly to their classroom.
  • Each day, as you bring your child into the classroom, please take a moment to look around with them, and then say good-bye. We find that a short good-bye helps to make an easy transition, and helps the teacher to keep the class going smoothly. In case of tears, children will be comforted by our TCA staff to help with the adjustment into the classroom. Children generally calm down soon after their parents have gone. You may call the office, and have someone check on your child at any time.
  • It is important that you arrive on time so that your child has an opportunity to “settle in” and enjoy the day. Please be back promptly at dismissal time.
  • It is necessary to inform us if someone else will be picking up your child at any time or if your child will be absent. Please be sure to communicate with your child’s teacher as well as the front office for both of these reasons.

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