This is our 53rd year for Kiddie College (Pre-K), and our 44th year for Torrington Christian Academy (K-12th). As you may know, we are a Christian Preschool where children are taught and nurtured by dedicated, loving, Christian teachers. Realizing this is the children’s first school experience, we strive to have a comfortable, and loving atmosphere. Your child will have an enjoyable, exciting, and memorable daily learning experience.

TCA - 50 Years

Kiddie College 2021-2022!

Welcome to Kiddie College! First day of school for PreK4 will be Wednesday, September 1st, and for PreK3, Thursday, September 2nd! We are excited to see your all soon! Please see the Summer Letter below from our Preschool Director: Mrs. Lexy Warren!

Click here to read the Summer Letter for 21-22 Families!

Days/Hours 2021-2022

3 year old program 

4 year old program 

For school closings & delay openings due to inclement weather: Kiddie College will follow the Torrington Public Schools. 

Kiddie College 2022-2023!

Re-Enrollment for current families opens up on February 1st. Enrollment for new families open up on March 1st. If you are a new family, you will be required to attend a school tour and put in an application before being added to contact list for Open Enrollment March 1st. To Inquire & Book a tour, click here:

Days/Hours 2022-2023

3 year old program 

4 year old program 

  • (3-day) Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00am – 2pm
  • (5-day) Monday – Friday: 8am – 2pm
  • Tuition Cost:

For school closings & delay openings due to inclement weather: Kiddie College will follow the Torrington Public Schools. 

Kiddie College Policies and Procedures

  1. All the children must be “potty trained”.
  2. Each day have your child make a stop at the bathroom when you arrive, then bring your child directly to the classroom. (Please do not ask them if they need to go; they almost always say no because they are eager to play).  Just tell them, it’s a “school rule”. This gives us much more valuable time with the class.
  3. Each day, as you bring your child into the classroom, please take a moment to look around with them, and then say good-bye. We find that a short good-bye helps to make an easy transition and helps the teacher to keep the class going smoothly. In case of tears, children generally calm down soon when parents have gone; you may call the office, and have someone check on your child at any time.
  4. It is important that you arrive on time so that your child has an opportunity to “settle in” and enjoy the day. Please be back promptly at the closing time. (See hours and delay opening schedule below.)
  5. It is necessary to inform us if someone else will be picking up your child at any time. Additionally, please call us if your child is going to be absent.
  6. Dress your child in practical, comfortable play clothes. Sneakers are best for outdoors or the gym.
  7. Tuition is due the first of each month on your SchoolAdmin online account. Our annual tuition is broken down into 10 monthly payments or 12 monthly payments for your convenience. We realize that some months have considerable fewer days due to holidays, vacations, etc. Monthly payment are as follows:
  8. Medical Forms are due on or before the first day of school.

Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Keep hands/feet to yourself.
  3. Stay in line and stay with your class at all times.
  4. Share, take turns, speak politely to classmates and teacher.
  5. As the teacher shows respect to the children, the children need to show respect to the teacher.
  6. If there is a repeated problem, discipline is as follows:
  • child receives a verbal reminder
  • if incident is repeated, 5 minute “time out” (just to give the child a chance to think about his/her behavior and why it is not acceptable)
  • we speak to the child about what happened and their behavior

Discipline problems are very rare here. We believe, if children learn self-control at an early age, they will be better prepared for Kindergarten. Please be assured this is all done in a loving and positive atmosphere. We praise the children and reward good behavior.

Playground Safety Rules

  1. Stay in line until we reach the playground and stay with your class at all times.
  2. Slide: Slide one at a time. Go down feet first on bottom, but never head first.
  3. Swings: Sit on bottom (never on tummy), hold on to chains, take 5-minute turns. Only teacher pushes. Walk straight “in” when getting on and walk straight “out” when getting off.
  4. Rocks and sticks stay on the ground.

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