Dual Enrollment

Torrington Christian Academy provides opportunities for high school students to take college-level courses. Simultaneously, students earn credit toward high school completion as well as college credits toward a future college degree. The more classes students take, the further ahead they will be for college. For those who desire to do so: students can successfully complete either an Associate Degree or a Bachelors degree alongside their High School Diploma! Dual Enrollment courses are different than AP courses as no AP test is required at the end of the class; instead, students receive college credit if they pass the course.

Programs Options

High School Academy through Post University

  • Available to qualifying 9th – 12th Grade Students
  • Earn a Certificate, Associates degree, or Bachelors degree alongside your high school diploma!
  • Courses through High School Academy (HSA) have been reduced to $300 per course—a 90% savings—to help save money and time on the path toward a college education. Plus, required texts are built into our learning management system so there are almost never any books to purchase and there are never any additional course or learning fees.
  • Completed at Torrington Christian Academy. (A very few select classes do require students to occasionally attend the Waterbury campus in person for things such as labs).
  • Choose from a variety of college track options including: Accounting, Marketing, Management, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, and Early Childhood Education to name a few. Click here to see a full listing of degree tracks offered.
  • Students who continue their undergraduate studies after high school with Post University full-time—either at the Main Campus or through our virtual learning options—will be eligible to receive a 20% reduction on tuition.
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High School Partnership Program through Northwest CT Community College

  • Available to qualifying 11th – 12th Grade Students
  • Free to CT Residents. Courses are available both online and in-person.
  • Campus located in Winsted, CT
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Interested in Enrolling in Dual Enrollment?

If you’re a a current student at TCA: Contact Ashley Zollarcoffer, at azollarcoffer@tcact.org or by calling 860-482-7464.

If you’re a prospective new student inquiry: Please fill out this Inquiry Form.  At the top of the form select “Learn More about Dual Enrollment” and then fill out the remainder of the form. Once received, someone in the admissions office will reach out to you.