Congratulations! TCA families deserve a well-earned virtual high five for the final nine weeks of school online and from home. Who could have ever imagined this would be the new reality, and it’s certainly one for the history books! TCA congratulates all students on a job well done in completing this school year with exceptional resilience and adaptability while transitioning to distance learning.

TCA is very pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Academic Excellence Awards, Christian Character Awards, and Graduation Certificates!

Printable Awards/Certificates are provided below. Click on the name/award in blue to display/print your awards!

1st Grade

Thank you, Noah Brown for displaying Christian Character this year through your acts of kindness, your willingness to share with those in your class, and your willingness to lead your class during prayer times.  You have demonstrated for your class what Colossians 3:12 tells us, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” – Mrs. Johnson

✰ Congratulations Kindergarten Graduates: Landon Poorbaugh, Noah Brown, Mikayla Cunningham

2nd Grade
3rd Grade
2nd/3rd Grade Combined Classes

CHRISTIAN CHARACTER AWARD for 2nd/3rd GradesSebastian (Sebby) Guibert
This special award goes out Sebastian (Sebby) Guibert! Sebastian has been an amazing student through out the entire school year. Sebby is positive, optimistic, confident, and a great role model for his classmates. He is often among the first to help and mentor other classmates. He is a valuable part of our classroom community and with assistance from God, he was able to demonstrate encouragement to his fellow classmates. Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” – Miss Stubbs

5th Grade

CHRISTIAN CHARACTER AWARD for 5th Grade – Payton Grieco
I award the Christian Character Award to Payton Grieco. She has shown the love of Christ daily to all those around her. She displayed Christian Character during stressful times as well as during joyous times. She was quick to pray in any situation for anyone. She had a heart for Jesus and His children. If someone didn’t have school supplies, for example, she would quickly share hers or offer hers and be willing to go without. If a student forgot lunch, she would, without hesitation, give some of her lunch. She always brought in so much more than she could consume. I believe it was so that she can give to someone else. She knew I loved Oreos, and she would always surprise me with a pack on my desk. The love of Christ flowed out of her. She even tried to help fellow students with their classwork. The Christian Character Award would most definitely without hesitation be awarded to Payton Grieco. – Mrs. Hopkins

✰ Congratulations to Graduates to 6th grade are as follows:  James Lapointe, Mykaila Garcia, Joshua Hopkins, Joshua Lapointe, Cameron Perry, Payton Grieco


6th Grade – Kaylynn Borja
Kaylynn is  very respectful of all staff, always greeting everyone with a heartfelt greeting. She encourages other students and shows a positive attitude in class.We are proud to have her in TCA. 

7th Grade – Maggie Wayne
Maggie is an extremely polite student always welcoming staff and students. She is willing to help others at all times. She is an example of God’s peace and love. Thank you!

8th Grade – Cyndalee Hill
Cyndalee is new to TCA and quickly became an excellent addition to the school. She shows love and acceptance to everyone she meets. She is always willing to help other students as well as staff. We are so happy you joined TCA.

Freshman – Brady Roy
Brady Roy is a great asset to TCA. He is friendly to all staff and students. He brings joy to the school, always willing to help out in any way he can. He attends school prayer, earnestly praying for God to move in the students’ lives as well as the school.  

Sophomore – Hannah Hausman
Hannah Hausman is a valued member of our worship team. She is always respectful in all classes and reaches out to include every student in TCA. She is always willing to help out in the school. You are a vital student at TCA.

Junior – Stephanie Morin
Stephanie Morin is a very dedicated student at TCA. She helps organize student prayer for the school encouraging others to put prayer as a priority. She helps others to succeed in class with encouragement and helpful direction.Her love for the Lord leads all she does in TCA. and shines out as she sings on our worship team. Glad you are here at TCA.

Senior – Nathan Versari
Nathan is always giving his best for TCA. He has been a great leader and role model for the other students. He has helped to keep our sports activities running smoothly working with the coaches. He is extremely respectful at all times. You will be missed at TCA.

Also a heartfelt thanks to our runners-up who were nominated due to their leadership in TCA:
  • Bonita Lilley – Worship Team
  • Nathan Hausman – Media and Sound Man
  • John Lilley – Worship Team leader, School Prayer
  • Chelsea Hopkins – Worship Team, School Prayer
  • Matthew Dingwell – Media, Sound, and overall helper of staff
  • Brenden Cosme – Media,  Sound, School Prayer